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Connecting people, organizations, and communities to actions that build a welcoming and inclusive region for all.


The All for All efforts are sub-divided into

our four pillars of immigrant inclusion.

Municipal Engagement

Families +



The examples below are just a drop in the bucket, but this will give you a sense of how we are advancing implementation in each area.

Municipal Engagement

Building trust and collaboration between immigrant communities, public officials, and law enforcement. These projects work to ensure equitable policies and services are available to everyone.

All for All Municipal Engagement Program

The All for All Municipal Engagement Program activates municipalities in welcoming work through commitments to specific actions and collaboration with fellow municipal governments. Our work is centered on the belief that municipalities are strongest when all residents can fully participate in the social, civic, and economic fabric of their communities. Research has shown that growing immigrant populations can help stabilize and revitalize communities by becoming homeowners, paying taxes, filling gaps in the labor force, and opening small businesses.

Families + Youth

Driving programs and collaborations to amplify opportunities and resources that engage youth, families, and English Language Learners.

Professional Learning Community

The goal of the Professional Learning Community is to amplify actions, resources, and best practices for English Language Learners. We developed the program concept with local ESL teachers and education advocates. A cohort of 20 ESL teachers will conduct action research projects in small teams over the course of the 2017-2018 school year, generating tools and resources to drive professional development in the sector.

Kids Without Borders

A youth-centered day, Kids Without Borders connects youth and families from all backgrounds to positive forms of expression:  Slam poetry, Teen photography, Anti-bullying tips, Family yoga, Know Your Rights workshops, and more. At the heart of the inaugural event was a wide-ranging team of community partners who served as content area experts, hosts, sponsors, and volunteers.

Economic Development

Activating career pathways, professional development resources, and welcoming workplaces. These projects support and celebrate entrepreneurship.

Immigrant Workforce Program

The Immigrant Workforce Program is a pilot designed to connect unemployed and underemployed immigrants to career pathways. The efforts were built in partnership with the Career Development Center and Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council. Program runs August 1st – October 19th, 2017 and is free to participants.

Professional Development

In coordination with a handful of local agencies, we will be activating professional development supports designed to help skilled immigrants rebuild their careers in the Pittsburgh region. From resume assistance to job search advice, these resources will help unlock the full potential of our neighbors and our region. 

Civic Engagement

Advancing citizenship supports and opportunities for civic education and participation. These projects lift up diverse stories and voices.

Reason for Reform 

Reason for Reform was an opportunity to showcase new research on contributions of immigrants in the Pittsburgh region. At a data launch event in Braddock, data from the New American Economy was unveiled in tandem with a regional call to action through a public statement made by a cross-sector of local leaders. Elected officials, faith leaders, higher education, and others – declared a shared commitment to building a thriving Pittsburgh region through inclusion and welcoming. Read and sign on to the public statement here

From Other To Us: Spotlighting Youth Voices 

From Other To Us is our public engagement campaign that lifts up the experiences of immigrants and communities of color. Our latest public forum included a night of youth-led dialogue on race, privilege, school environments, and international events. A Youth panel, moderated by Mila Sanina of Public Source, and keynote from Syrian-American activist Laila Al-Soulaiman, reminded attendees why we should listen to and take a cue from our youth.

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